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Martin McPhilimey is a distinguished wellness and performance expert boasting over a decade of experience in the industry. He has earned a reputation for his deep commitment to enhancing people’s health and overall lives, having worked with thousands of clients from various industries. Martin is particularly renowned for his tailored approach to consulting, where he builds solid and personal connections with clients, ensuring a deep understanding of their unique health and well-being needs.

His expertise in Breath Science and a background in Respiratory and Sleep Science, Exercise Physiology, and Behavioural Science equips him with a unique blend of traditional and innovative methods. This approach enables him to effectively guide clients on their journey to improved health, performance, and well-being. Martin’s passion for remaining at the forefront of scientific research ensures that he offers the most current and impactful solutions to stress, burnout, and overwhelming challenges. His dedication to his field is further exemplified by his initiative in founding Performance Through Health and developing the Breath Science Certification program, both of which aim to elevate standards in the health and wellness space. With Martin, clients can expect a journey of transformation backed by scientific principles and a genuine commitment to personal growth and health.

  • 15 yrs + Clinical, Research, Health and Fitness Experience.
  • Worked with 1000's of Clients in Australia & UK.
  • BSc (Hons) Sport & Exercise Physiology.
  • MRes Sport Science.
  • MSc Clinical Sciences (Respiratory & Sleep).
  • Nationally & International Accredited Respiratory & Sleep Scientist.
  • ANZSRS Certified Respiratory Function Scientist.
  • Performance & Wellbeing Coach.
  • Public Speaker.
  • Behavioural Scientist Practitioner.
  • Specialising in Sleep, Breathing, Stress & Fatigue Reduction & Athletic Recovery.