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About Performance Through Health

Performance Through Health provides a range of health consulting and performance coaching. We aim to help individuals become the best version of themselves through optimal health. By ensuring you have confidence in your health, it will provide you with the energy and motivation to reach your physical and mental potential.
Consulting and Coaching on the Following = bullet point Sleep wellness - Aims to improve sleep health through optimal sleep hygiene and diagnosis of sleep issues. Nutritional Planning - To support you in your goals, E.g. Fat Loss, Sports Performance or Optimal Health Exercise Programming - For those who have experience in exercise, we can program your training for excellence in performance, muscle growth, strength or mobility. Performance Mindset - Identity limiting beliefs, discover your purpose, form your future vision, learn to create positive psychology and motivation, tackle your fears and much more. Corporate Keynote and Talks - We provide educational workshops and seminars on fatigue and stress management to prevent burnout in the workplace.
Coaching costs are $140 p.h and the time spent varies depending on case a case basis. Plans vary depending on the services provided. We quote prices following our initial consultation. Having a holistic approach to support your health and performance under one person is aimed to maximize results. Course fees will depend on the content size, depth, and level, and the cost will be provided on the courses page.
You can click on any of the "book consult" tabs on our webpage this will take you through to the booking calendar where you can book in an initial complimentary consult, and you check in consults for accountability and further guidance. Alternatively, you can click here
We cater to anyone from the general public looking to improve their health, all the way through to corporate package and elite athletes. Due to the nature of our wide range of clients, we offer a free initial consultation to discuss whether we can support you with your goals.

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