Breathing Retraining

Chronic stress, anxiety, trauma and Asthma can lead to dysfunctional breathing. So if you find yourself shallow breathing, sometimes pausing in your breath. With tension around the neck and upper back, you might have a breathing pattern leading to an inability to focus and low energy levels. How you breathe impacts your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Breathing retraining is a simple 8-week program to fix these issues, reclaim your health and boost performance. Click the image to learn more about breathing retraining.

The Empowered Performer

Stand out from the crowd with your performance. Join the list of successful clients who describe being in control, grounded, energetic and focused. Learn the skills that empower you to manage stress using innovative physiological tools and practice such as breathwork, deep sleep strategies and resilience training. Click the button below to learn more about this coaching package.

The Creative Life-Leader Mentorship

This 12-week mentorship program will transform your mindset into that of a creative life-leader. Expanding on your physical health, this psychological and alchemical approach to living with help you transcend the life your heart truly envisions. Strip back the fears and limiting beliefs holding you back, start living authentically, and radiate self-confidence. Become a courageous leader whose mission and purpose inspire others to become who they are.

High Performance Recovery Mentorship

Every athlete and high performer should always look for an edge that makes all the difference. Using the SABRES method, you can optimise your recovery and minimise the risk of injury or burning out. Whether you’re a keen amateur or an aspiring professional looking to seek expert coaching to optimise your performance. This High-Performance Recovery mentorship is for you.

Guest Speaker

If you’re looking to improve the well-being of your staff, students or clients, then look no further. Teaching¬†evidence-based practical tools creating real-time results, these online educational workshops are provided on various topics, including Stress & Anxiety Management, Habits For Fatigue Prevention, Sleep & Wellbeing. Get in contact with Martin to organise a proposal, or find out more about webinars by clicking below.