Why High-Performance Recovery?

High performance requires hard work, determination, and consistency. Hours of training and high workloads take their toll physically, mentally and emotionally. To be successful requires consistency at the top of your game. However, there’s always the risk of burnout, injury and chronic fatigue. Not ideal for a high-performance mindset.

Combining the latest in sports science and clinical research, the S.A.B.R.E.S method optimises your recovery – maximising performance.

  • Sleep strategies to wake up feeling energised
  • Arousal control practices for alertness, in the zone and deep relaxation
  • Breathing protocols for focus, energy and resilience.
  • Rest/ Effort ratio programming for sustainability.
  • Radiate Self-confidence that leaves you willing to take rapid daily action without hesitation.

Coaching Process

  1. The first step is to apply for mentorship. During this call, we will undergo an interview-like process to ensure we are a good fit.
  2. During the interview, we shall discuss your goals, intention and current situation.
  3. This coaching package comprises 12 (1 hr) sessions over six months
  4. You will also have access to monthly emergency calls should you need immediate advice.
  5. Following the coaching, you will access private breathwork and educational videos.


The price is currently  AUD 4500  (Payment Plan Available)


Twelve (30 min) 1:1 Sessions over 12 weeks + 6 (3o min) for the 3 months following (Total Six Month Contact Time)

Getting Started

Should this pique your interest, you can apply for the mentorship program using the button below.