These high performance mentorship programs empower individuals to live “Stress-Free, Happy and More Successful.”

“Performance” means the ability to live the life you want, with the people you want, when you want. My goal is to help you do that with an enthusiastic mindset and a resilient body.

Success is being and getting everything you truly want in life, but do you know what you truly desire?

I believe many people live life on someone else’s path, falling into things because of parental and societal expectations. As a result, moving in a meaningless direction is not necessarily your calling, away from your true self.

This leaves you feeling depressed, anxious or lacking energy.

I want to help you have a second chance in life.

To break that mould, you need to learn to live authentically and be vulnerable enough to express who you truly are. That means looking within and learning how to communicate that to the world.

The 12 weeks mentorship program is a process and practice of personal growth, empowerment, transformation, and achievement. It focuses on transitioning you from a place of stress, anxiety and poor direction into feeling powerful, having clarity and taking action towards your goals.

We shall do that whilst laying the foundation of robust physiological management. I will empower you to use stress to boost focus, energy, and productivity.

The 6-month PERFORMANCE mentorship uses the SABRES method to optimise your health, maximise your energy, and guide you towards living life with purpose and meaning. 

We will tackle Sleep, Arousal States, Breathing, Energy management and self-esteem.

I want to help you dream big or small, make significant world impacts or support those around you. It’s about you, for you!

I envision people living vibrant and meaningful lives.

Being true to themselves, filled with adventure, relationships that form trusting and robust networks, purpose, and contribution to each other.

Turning your dreams into reality, however, isn’t always easy.

It is easy to shy away from a challenge when we lack a plan, understanding or are overshadowed by our fears and challenges. It creates avoidance behaviours, and that’s why it’s essential to manage mindset and stresses first.

We tend to give up on the call to adventure and withhold ourselves from living our lives fully. Worse, we tend to stick to unhealthy behaviour patterns and sabotage our dreams. Without intervention, we risk becoming depressed, stressed out, and unfulfilled. 

Unfortunately, most of us get in our own way.

You don’t have to go through the struggle. Because, as your mentor, I can help you avoid painful missteps and costly mistakes. Athletes, professionals, artists, and businesses hire coaches to help them improve their life, health, relationships, performance, and income. 

You can too!

When you make your life and vision your priority, you bring your best self to your relationships and endeavours. Thus, improving life for you and the world around you. As a result, you CAN be happier, healthier, and achieve your dream. Let me show you how.

Mentorship Benefits Includes:

  • Learn to live stress-free
  • Clarity of who you are, what you want and the actions needed to get you there
  • Focus, energy and productivity
  • Self-awareness
  • Trust your intuition for high creative output
  • Optimal health
  • Mindset, breathwork and sleep mastery
  • Many more…

These mentorships are ideal for anyone who wants to create lasting change and to be able to express who they truly are. To find your inner gift and contribute that to the world.

What people are saying about this program:

“Working with Martin has been a game-changer! His ability to ask the right questions has opened my eyes to limiting beliefs I may have created for myself. His knowledge of stress management and strategies and tools has been beneficial, and I’ve seen a change in managing myself. What I genuinely appreciate about Martin is how open, vulnerable and authentic he is. He is happy to share his personal experiences and makes a genuine connection with you. I’m very grateful to be working with someone like Martin and can’t recommend him enough” Shane 32 Years Old.”

Do you feel you have another life calling, don’t worry; I’m here to guide you.

Check out the packages below and fill out the coaching application.