Are you living a life truly to who you are?

The unfulfilled life is fabricated from the outside in. But, on the other hand, a Creative Life-leader builds a full life from the inside out.

Many people live life on someone else’s path, falling into things because of parental and societal expectations. As a result, you are moving in a meaningless direction, slowly drifting away from everything you love and enjoy.

This leaves you feeling depressed, anxious or lacking energy.

I want to help you have a second chance in life.

To break that mould, you must take responsibility and learn to be vulnerable enough to live life authentically.

That means looking within and learning how to communicate that to the world.

The 12 weeks mentorship program is a process and practice of personal growth, empowerment, creative transformation, and achievement.

It focuses on transitioning you from a place of stress, anxiety and poor direction stepping into courage, clarity and motivation. 

To lead the life, you truly desire.

My vision is a world of healthy and happy human beings living connected and meaningful lives.

This mentorship is a part of the mission to create that world.

Coaching Process

  1. The first step is to apply for mentorship. During this call, we will undergo an interview-like process to ensure we are a good fit.
  2. During the interview session, we shall discuss your goals and intentions to ensure they are anchored in love.
  3. This coaching package comprises 12 (1 hr) sessions over 12 weeks.
  4. The Empowered Leader Program will teach you all the breathwork, sleep strategies and resilience skills.
  5. You will also undergo a 7 step process for building the vision of a creative life leader.
  6. Following the coaching, you will access private breathwork and educational videos with concessions on further coaching.



The price is currently AUD2999 (Payment plan available)


12 one-hour sessions 1:1 with Martin over 12 weeks.


Getting Started

Should this pique your interest, you can apply for the mentorship program using the button below.