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Breath control training has an array of health and performance benefits. Most of my clients see a reduction in stress, anxiety, and breathlessness during exercise and improvements in focus, attention and sleep quality. Therefore, I wanted to provide you with the ability to start your breathing practice today. The team at Shift Adapt has developed the CO2 Tolerance test that was initially used in the freediving community into a breath test to monitor the current state of physiological arousal. Below is a video explaining how to complete the CO2 Tolerance test to get your score and what you can do on this page, and how to use the breath calculator at the bottom to receive your initial practice prescription.

The science of this test is in a yet to be published research article performed at USC in collaboration with California State University – Fullerton. The group of researchers including Bentley. T, Mackenzie. B, Wilson. R, Galpin. A (2020) describe an inverse correlation between the CO2 tolerance score and state anxiety. The Huberman lab at Stanford University has also consulted with shift adapt on CO2 tolerance work and promote this test to be in the moment assessment for tracking state arousal.

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    Breathing protocols modified from a combination of work by Van Diest et al (2014) investigating inhalation/exhalation ratios on heart rate variability and relaxation, plus an athlete training system report by Shift Adapt. See for their recommended breathing schedules.

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